There are two components in Bonkey dAPP, the back-end and the front-end, the back-end is serverless, of which we will deploy 4 smart contracts:

  • The BEP20 token: BNKY;

  • The router contract which is responsible to interact with different projects;

  • The project contract;

  • The farming contract.

Front-end is the user interfaces that are used for users of our dAPP to interact with the smart-contract more easily.



There are four kinds of contracts in Bonkey-dAPP

  • Project Router: which is used to create projects, this class is mainly used in the Bonkey-main page

  • Project: Different projects represent different tasks to accomplish, entrepreneurs and investors will deposit their BEP20 tokens to the project, and the project contract will interact with farm classes to transfer the fund to the farm to compound for the BNKY token.

  • BEP20: any BEP20 compatible tokens can be used to initiate the project, earn BNKY tokens;

  • Farm: each BEP20 token could have a Farm, and any token deposit in the farm will earn BNKY tokens as reward.



Main Page


In this main page, users can see the on-going projects, search them using the search box, navigate to the documents and create a project of their own, if they are interested in investigate or investing a project, they can click the project to see the detail.

Project Creation Page


In this project creation page, users can specify the parameters of their projects, make the seed contribution and wait to attract investor and contributors!

Project Detail Page


In this page, users can see the detail of the projects, including some of the fundamental statistics to help them to judge if the project is a good investment target or if it's valuable to spend time contribute to.

Proposal Creation Page


In this page, the project admin can create proposals for sub-tasks to let the contributors to work on.

Withdraw Creation Page


Once the task is done, contributors can create the withdraw request to get the fund they deserve, and stakeholders in the project would have the right to vote if withdraw is approved or not.