Token Economy

  • (In) The initial token release is 100,000,000 BNY and it's capped at this number;

  • (Out) There will be an airdrop to release 1% of token to the public, meanwhile, we will create a swap pair in a DEX. 30% of tokens will be released in DEX in 6 phases.

  • (Out) When investors choose to invest on Bonkey or any other projects in the platform, they will receive interests when they lock their funds in the project. Meanwhile, from anytime, they will be able to withdraw their investments. 

  • (Out) Investor invest their tokens to swap for BNKY and the chance to vote for the direction of the project, 30% of the BNKY will be released in this way.

  • (Out) 30% of tokens will be reserved for the team.

  • (Out) 9% of tokens will be reserved for the treasury.

  • (In) There is a switch in the smart contract, in the future, platform will charge 0.2% of fees when a proposal is exit with withdraw.